Packing Hacks – 8 Best Space-Saving Packing Tips for Traveling

December 9, 2022 By: admin


Whenever you plan a trip or tour to a new place, the first thing that bothers you is to how to pack your essential items in the least possible space or in minimum number of luggage/bags.

Since one does not want to carry a number of suitcases and bags while traveling, we’ve gathered 8 best space-saving packing hacks that will let you pack your bags in the most efficient manner.

So, here we go:


1. Rolling is Better Than Folding

Believe it or not but you save a lot of space if you roll your clothes to pack, instead of folding them. You can even pack much more rolled up clothes in a given space than you could with the folded ones.




2. Stuff Items Inside Your Shoes

You can stuff your socks and other toiletries that won’t burst inside your shoes. This would also help you save some space in your bag.






3. Don’t Pack Bulkier Items

If you have a jacket or a woolen sweater that may take a lot of space in the suitcase, then you may prefer wearing it instead of packing it in order to save the space.




4. Glasses Cases are Useful

You can place makeup applicators, brushes, chargers, earphones and other small items in a glasses case. You won’t lose them in your bag if you store such items together in one case.


glasses case


5. Plastic Wraps are Helpful

If you have some liquid products in tubes or bottles, you can make them secure from bursting out inside your bag. Take a small piece of plastic wrap, place it on top of the tube/bottle and then screw the lid back on it. The product will not spill out if the lid pops open.




6. Belts Inside Collars

This packing tip is for men. You can wrap your belt inside your shirt’s collar, thus saving some space and it also helps the collar to stay stiff.




7. Ear Rings in Buttonholes

If you don’t want to lose your small and tiny ear rings, you must fasten them through the button holes and then keep them in the jewelry pouch.




8. Dryer Sheets Keep Clothes Fresh

One of the best packing tips is to place dryer sheets inside your bag and suitcase to keep your clothes fresh.




9. More Tops, Fewer Bottoms

Try packing multiple tops for a single bottom as a top takes far lesser space than a bottom. Also, people tend to have different tops with the same bottom, rather than the same top with multiple bottoms.




These packing hacks will not only let you save a lot of space in your luggage but also save you from chaos. If you know some more space-saving packing tips, then tell us in the comments below.