Best Airport Tips and Hacks

February 19, 2023 By: Jenny


Air travel is considered as the quickest mode to travel from one place to another. We all know that you need to pass through certain steps at the airport and must comply with rules and policies while at the airport and in the plane. However, one must be aware of some tips to make the most of their time and resources at the airports.

Here are some best airport tips and hacks:


Boarding Pass in your Phone’s Gallery

If you’re carrying your boarding pass in your phone, then make sure you save it in your gallery and not in your email. You must not rely on your data plan or airport wifi. This could save you from a lot of hassle in case of a mishap.


Get a Credit card with Privileges

A lot of banks offer credit cards that comes with certain privileges at the airport like free access to a premium airport lounge or free airport transfers.



Better carry a credit card with such privileges and enjoy your time at the airport.


Skip the check-in queue

During the busiest time at airports like holiday season, you might end up standing in long queues for check-in. In such moments, airport officials call out for the flights that are first to depart and let those passengers to come forward without any queue.

Therefore, you can spend your time in a coffee shop or any other spot and when your flight is next to depart, you can just pass through the ling queue in no time.


Keep Copies of Documents

Another best airport tip is to always keep your travel documents copies in every bag you carry and in your dress pockets. You just can’t afford to be stranded in a foreign land if you lose any of your important document like passport or ticket.


Distribute Your Money

Never keep all your money in one place while traveling. Always distribute it across your bags and pockets to stay safe in case of any mishap. This airport tip will surely save you from a lot of hassle.


Be Prepared for the Local Weather

Whenever you plan to visit any foreign land, make sure you check the local weather forecast of your destination country. This will help you in planning your clothes and accessories accordingly as an umbrella or the right kind of shoes would be of significant help.


Never Buy an Expensive Luggage Bag

Believe it or not, you must always buy a cheap yet strong luggage bag for traveling as it will be handled very poorly at the airports. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a baggage that will be tossed around without any caution.


Avoid Over-sized Baggage

Never try taking along an oversized baggage to airport as you might have to pay extra for that. Some airports have strict baggage size policies, so you must comply with allowed size beforehand.


Wear Heavy Clothing Items

Heavy coats or clothing may take a lot of space in your baggage. To have more space, better wear any heavy item while checking in at the airport. Once checked in, you can take it off and put in the locker on top of your head in the plane.


Be Productive without Internet

Try planning any task that you can work on during your trip that does not need internet. A good amount of time with no distractions can surely bring out your crazy productivity.


There must be some more cool arport tips and hacks. If you know any tip other than the ones mentioned above, do share with us by dropping a comment below.