9 Budget Travel Tips Every Traveler Must Know

October 29, 2020 By: admin


If you ask anyone about one thing they want to do in life, most people will answer ‘traveling’. And the reason why they couldn’t pursue their dream is mostly the lack of finances. However, most people are unaware of the fact that they can manage to travel if they follow some best budget travel tips.

So if you’re still dreaming to travel but are short on finances, here are some tips about how to travel on a budget:


Travel during Off-Peak Season

Just like any other industry, prices related to fares, accommodations and tours also rise up during particular peak seasons when most of the people prefer going on vacations.

If you’re tight on budget, then it is advised that you plan your trip during the off-peak season. During this season, you’ll get every booking in the most economic and cheap prices.



Plan Ahead

This is one of the most beneficial budget travel tips. If possible, you must make all your bookings (plane, train, hotel, cruise, etc.) way before your planned time of the trip, preferably during the off-peak season. In this way, you get to have far more savings than you could imagine.


Hotel Alternatives

If you aim to travel on a budget, go for hotel alternatives to stay during your trip. You can choose hostels or cheap rooms to save a lot of bucks, literally. Another best option is to go for couchsurfing where you can stay at local people’s places (only the willing ones). This will cut a lot of amount from your travel budget.


Use Local Buses & Trains

Buses and local trains prove to be the cheapest methods to move around as compared to taxis and other rental services. You can cover much more distance in far less fare.


Avoid Fancy Restaurants

Restaurants and cafes look really fancy and attractive but these can easily burden up on your budget. Avoid eating out as you can buy vegetables from nearby market and cook yourself at home. Or you can even have cheap snacks from roadside stalls and mini cafes.


Look Out for Free Attractions

If you intend to stick to your travel budget, make a list of all the free attractions available in the city you’re planning to visit. You can enjoy many places and spots with this strategy in minimum commuting fare.


Say ‘No’ to Souvenirs

Souvenirs look really tempting as a token of memory but you can instead click pictures and buy postcards to save a lot of bucks and space in your bag.


Dump the Extra Luggage

Another important point form the budget travel tips is to keep as minimum luggage as you can and carry only the most needed items with you. Excessive luggage is difficult to carry along and it even adds to your traveling cost as many airlines charge extra for excessive luggage.


Get the Best Exchange Rate for Your Money

Always compare exchange rates from a number of money changers and choose the one offering the best rates for your money. People who travel on budget should never exchange currency from the airports as the rates over there are always quite expensive.


If you follow these budget travel tips then all you have to do is to find the right moment and set your feet out to travel. Make the most of your travel on a budget by choosing the beautiful locations you have always dreamt of.

If you know some more amazing ideas related to travel budget then leave your comments below.