Best Travel Tips for Every Traveler and Wanderluster

January 5, 2023 By: Jenny


Traveling is one of those beautiful feelings that can give you an all new meaning of life. Exploring new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and environments, all these will give you something to cherish upon when you’re at the end of your life.

Besides deciding on the spots to visit, there are some best travel tips that may come really handy if you want to make the most of your trip. Here we are listing some best tips for travelling that you must read before leaving on your journey:


Book Cheap Flights

One of the top travel tips is that every traveler must know how to book flights in the cheapest possible manner. For this, you must book your flight around 4-8 weeks earlier. Moreover, in order to book a flight at cheaper prices, you must use a VPN. Yes you heard that right.

It is not known to many people that the price of a particular flight may differ when booked from differ locations. While connecting to a VPN, travelers can check and compare the fares of the same flight by connecting to a number of countries and then book from the location with the cheapest price. This can save you a lot of money.



Pack Only the Essential Items

Always try to carry as minimum amount of items as you can while traveling. Keep only those items that you really think you will need on your trip. Keep more tops and fewer bottoms as they can last for quite long. Drop anything at home that you think is capable of getting ruined or perished on your trip.


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Avoid Purchasing from Airports

Don’t ever buy tour packages or souvenirs or even mobile SIMs from the airport as they charge you far more than the price you can get from anywhere other than the airport.


Get Your Money Exchanged Smartly

Get your currency exchanged after checking through a number of exchange centers in order to get the best rates.


Try Couchsurfing

If you are one of those people who not only loves to travel but also loves meeting new people, then go for couchsurfing instead of hotels.

In this concept, you tend to stay at the home of locals who are willing to take guests in, and in return, you help them out with daily chores. You get to create a bond with the locals and explore many new things that you could not if you choose to live in a hotel.


Save Money on Meals

This is one of my favorite travel tips. If you’re tight on budget and don’t want to spend much on meals, you may make noodles in the electric kettle, usually available in the hotel rooms. This may save you some bucks.


Travel Insurance is a Must

You never know if you get sick or injured during your journey to an all new place. Make sure you have a travel insurance so that your expenses can be covered in case of any unforeseen incident while you’re traveling.


Commute through Local Trains & Buses

Try commuting using public transport like local trains and buses instead of taxis and cabs, to save a lot of money.


Look for Credit Card Charges

Always check with your bank about how much fee they’d charge for international transactions through your credit card. Try taking along the card that has 0 or least charges for such transactions while travelling.


Avoid the Mini Bar in Hotel Rooms

Most of the reputable hotels offer a mini bar facility within the rooms. The items they offer include water bottles, soft drinks, beers, juices, snacks, etc. These are highly over-priced and you can easily get the same items from a nearby store. So, don’t bother picking anything from there if you don’t want to see a hefty amount charged on your bill while checking out.


With these best travel tips, you will definitely get to have several benefits in many different ways. Plan your trip smartly and keep these tips for traveling in mind whenever you plan to get on your feet.

Happy Traveling. 🙂