Phuket: A Place to Visit for All Kinds!

January 10, 2020 By: admin

Traveler: Furqan Tafseer

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You seriously need to visit Thailand, especially Phuket, if you haven’t already! No matter which type of a traveler you are, you will find all the things that interest you over there!

Having a naturally beautiful land is a blessing, but keeping it that way and making it even more beautiful for the people around the globe by adding other attractions is a commendable thing and that’s Phuket for y’all!

Before I ever went there, I knew it as a good place for tourism, but going there was one of hell of an experience. As a lone soul, I planned to spend a few days in a new country to make my summer a little different and my friends suggested me to choose Phuket, Thailand.

I didn’t only choose to go there because it was my friends’ advice but also because of the fact that it is pretty affordable. So, I made my schedule, completed the formalities of visa, tickets, and everything, packed my bags and got ready to go and here it is for you!


Patong Beach

This island is a piece of heaven if you ask me! My hotel was right in front of the amazing Patong beach which is a white sand beach with blue water. The moment I checked in to my Hotel, I rushed to see one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen even before seeing my hotel room.

The activities including Paragliding, jet skiing, deep water swimming, sun bathing, and the amazing Thai Massage on the beach made my day! After a couple of hours, I went to my Hotel room to take a shower and get ready to explore more. The next thing I did was renting a bike/scooter and roaming around the amazing island. That ride of around two hours was one of the most soothing experiences of my life!

Thai Scooter



Now, it was almost evening and I knew already about the amazing Fantasea Show which cannot be described in merely words. You are not allowed to record the show so you can’t even find any video of the whole show too! You have to be there to enjoy it and here’s something that might motivate you to plan your visit as early as possible:


So, after enjoying this amazing show and having a delicious buffet dinner, I went back to my hotel to drop a few things that I bought from Fantasea.


Bangla Road

Now it was the perfect time to visit the insanely popular Bangla Road, which is the queen of nightlife in Thailand. It is a walking street where you all kind of people from around the globe. Bars, Clubs, Pubs, Discos, Street Magic, name anything and it surely will be somewhere on that street. So, I had a fun night!



Phang Nga Bay/James Bond Island

The next day was dedicated to the Phang Nga Bay where the James Bond Island is located. It is actually a boat ride to reach to the James Bond Island which is definitely worth it!


On my way to James Bond Island I also experienced Kayaking between the beautiful caves. Man o man, those 45 minutes were freaking fantastic. Then after spending the whole day on Phang Nga Bay, I was really, I mean really tired so I went to my Hotel and took a good sleep to be ready for the next day’s adventure!




Phi Phi Island

The next day was the great Phi Phi Isalnd!. I took a ferry ride with snorkeling in my package and took off from the shore. The ferry passed through a lot of beautiful and uniquely crafted rocks throughout the route.



Just around a few minutes distance from the Phi-Phi, we were shifted to a smaller boat for snorkeling. Since I have always been in love with water, I swam across quite a distance in the sea. It was truly a soulful experience for me. Once done, we were then taken to the Phi Phi. This is the same island that got completely devastated by the Tsunami, back in 2004.




However, they have rebuilt the island and all its beauty has been restored. I spent some time at the beach with white sand and crystal clear water. I walked through the markets and had my meal. After enjoying a few hours, I rode back to Phuket by ferry.

Then I decided to spend a few more days in Phuket exploring everything there was like Monday night underground Muay Thai fight which was like seeing UFC without a cage! I will leave a few other things on your imagination too though…

Those who have been there knows what I’m talking about 😉