Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe While Traveling

March 16, 2020 By: admin


With the widespread of Coronavirus all over the world, the first and foremost advice regarding traveling is: “Don’t Travel”. Experts highly recommend not to travel for leisure, or travel only if it’s extremely essential as humans are the most active carriers of this virus from one country to another.

It actually originated from China and now with travelers, it has reached many countries, causing a complete lockdown in many cities. Most famous and crowded tourist spots are now either closed or complete deserted out of fear.



If somehow, you are already in the midst of traveling or planning to travel, here is everything you need to learn about how to stay safe from Coronavirus while traveling.



Coronavirus Protection While Traveling

Keep Hygiene on Top

Wash your hands thoroughly after being in a public place like airport, malls or anywhere crowded. Use a sanitizer (always carry it around) if water and soap are not readily available. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Cover your face with a tissue while sneezing and avoid sneezing in your hands.



Masks Ain’t That Effective

Wearing a mask will not guarantee complete protection from Coronavirus as it may only help in preventing the spread of the disease from sick people. Means, healthy people wearing masks will not serve the purpose.


Travel Insurance

Try finding out a travel insurance that covers Coronavirus as well. Since, you will be in a confined plane with people all around, there’s a high chance of catching that virus.


Avoid Handshakes

It’s not necessary to handshake with anyone you meet these days. As a coronavirus safety measure, avoid handshakes as much as you can. Go for an elbow bump instead.




Isolate When Feel Sick

If you feel sick while traveling, make sure you limit your social interactions and isolate yourself unless you get proper medical examination.


Beware of Countries Lockdown

Before traveling, make sure to have proper information about your destination country. Drop your plans if the infected persons’ toll keeps rising rapidly as that country might announce a lockdown to tackle the spread. If you overlook this information, you might get stranded in a foreign land with no way going back until the situation is controlled.


Share Your Stories & Tips

If you have any stories related to your traveling or any tips for Coronavirus protection, do share with us. In the meanwhile, stay safe and avoid going out unless its something serious.