10 Best Hotel Hacks and Tips

January 9, 2023 By: Jenny


Where you stay on a vacation can make all the difference. Accommodations have the ability to be the turning point between a tension-free, lush getaway and an unhappy journey. So if you’re planning a trip soon, here is a list of my personal favorite hotel hacks.

So whether you are a first-time traveler or a frequent one, make sure you pin these hotel hacks and room tricks that will definitely save your money and make your stay trouble-free.



If you call the hotel directly, it may have discounts or new packages available that are not mentioned in the advertisements. Hotels want to pack every room nightly, so if you’re not traveling during peak season, try to go for a last minute deal.

Call to book a room the day you want to stay and ask for any special last minute discounts or upgrades.



Enable Incognito Browser Setting

If you’re planning a trip abroad, use an anonymous browser window when loading the hotel’s website. Then compare rates on both the local and foreign site.


Room rates can differ across the different versions. Prices could be cheaper through the hotel’s foreign page.


Ask To See Other Rooms

All the suites are not built or designed equally. Before you confirm a room, you better ask the management to see a couple of different rooms available of the same because it’s quite common where the Hotel manager intends to fill out least desirable rooms first.

It’s possible that you’re assigned a room in a deep dark alley with a poor view whereas there must be other bright rooms with beautiful view of the city or a beach.


Cash Out On Complaints

If any part of your stay was erroneous, from cleanliness to any noise complaint, take it up to the management. Maybe you would get a full or partial refund, discounted rates or a free upgrade for your future stay.


“Do Not Disturb” Sign

If your hotel is one of the least known or reputable ones, then you surely would not want to leave your valuable belongings alone with the housekeeping staff. You can avoid such fear by placing the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door throughout your stay which makes them unaware about whether you’re in the room or not.


And no one really needs their rooms cleaned every day after all. Hotel tips like these can ensure higher security during your stay.


Keep The Power On With Some Spare Card

This is one of the best and interesting hotel hacks in my opinion. In many hotels where there is a keycard system in place, they tend to save electricity by making the electricity supply available to the room only when your keycard is stuck into a given slot right next to the door. So that when you go out, you must pull out your keycard and you can not charge your phones and other gadgets during the time when you’re out.


You can tackle this issue by sticking in an old debit or credit card into that slot that would equally serve the purpose. You’ll get an uninterrupted electricity to your room no matter you’re in or out of your room.


Lost the Charger? No Problem

If you’ve run out of chargers while your stay at a hotel, you definitely don’t need to worry. The TV in a hotel room usually has a USB port at its back. You can charge your phone and other devices using that USB port.



Remove Creases from Your Clothes

If you don’t have an iron in your room, you can either hang your clothes in bathroom while having a hot shower. Or you can remove the creases with the help of a hairdryer as well.



Look For A Free Wi-Fi

Instead of wasting your money on in-room phone rates or data roaming charges, place international calls and texts via Wi-Fi-fueled apps. You just need Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to use Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber for free international texting and calls.

Opt for a room with an availability of Internet in the room, or inquire as to whether free Internet is available or not because some hotel groups offer FREE WI-FI (YAYY).


Stream Your Entertainment   

Bring your laptop or iPad to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows, or rent a movie off iTunes. The rates are usually substantially cheaper than those you’ll get to find on the hotel menu.


If your room has a TV with an HDMI port, pack your Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast and directly stream it.


With these hotel hacks, you can surely make the most of your stay during your trip. Since many people are unaware about such hotel tips, you may also let them know before they go on a trip.